Vintage Watch | Seiko World Time 6117-6400

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The watch making field are always filled with differnt complications and technological breakthrough, it is relatively easy for you to name a few (chronograph, moon-phase, and minute repeater), there is one complication that proves to be the most practical for regular use: the GMT function. 

The GMT function offers you the access to a second time zone a single watch face. Whether you are a pilot just landed at your destination, a multinational business owner wanted to call your family during business trip or a wall street trader wanted to track the Asia market open condition, a GMT watch is a simple too for you to track the time around the world before the invention of the smart phone. 

GMT / World time watches have been produced by a number of manufactures, but one of our all-time favorites is this reference 6117 by Seiko. These watches were produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s and bring together an awosome case design, robust Japanese-made movement and a stunning dial/bezel layout. 

The 6117 movement featured in this Seiko World Time is the first GMT movement Seiko ever made, the red time zone hand on the dial is used in coordination with the inner rotating bezel to tell time in another time zone. Point the red hand to the city you locate in and you can easily find the time you would like to check by referring to the inner ring marked most major city around the world. 

This specific 6117 World Timer we offering was made 1972 Jan, with all the original parts in mint condition including the dial and the often changed red GMT hand. The inner ring of the watch also works perfectly fine. 

As agreed by most watch industry individual, GMT function is their favourite daily watch, we are sure that you will love this Vintage Seiko World Timer too. 

Let this beauty be your next travel accompany. 


Maker: Seiko

Model: 6117-6400

Era: 1972 Jan

Case Diameter: 38 mm

Lug Width: 20 mm

Case Condition: Case is in excellent condition over all, with no major blemishes to speak of. 

Dial Condition: Amazingly preserved black dail with redish orange hour marking on the outer dial. Orignal hands in mint condition.

Movement: Fully serviced, 6118 Automatic GMT Movement 21,600bph with hacking function.

And of course, it comes with any one of the straps we offer in the store. Just let us know which one you like to pair the beauty with.