Vintage Watch | Seiko Lord Quartz 7853-7000

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Quartz watch must come cheap? It is not the case in the 70s.

In 1978, when the Lord Quartz was introduced, it was positioned just below the King Quartzes and Grand Quartz Series, it was at a higher listing price than a lot of the King Quartz with 4823 calibers. 

This Lord Quartz 7853-7000 fitted with a lined dial rich in texture and Kenji day wheel that easily let everyone knows its a JDM market watch. Most importantly, with over 40 years of history, this caliber still runs at +/- 10 seconds per month! Pairing with the original bracelet, this Lord Quartz is such a rare find.

Just like the King Quartz. But unlike the Kings, these Lords are very rare watches to obtain. Either because of the value of the high rollers (costing about 560 euro, inflation corrected) or because the lower range, at 36% percent less (costing about 380 euro), was just cheap enough to simply wear into oblivion. With the help that these watches only manufactured for 3 years, it's getting harder and harder to find.
Get one while you can, they won't last forever. 


Maker: Seiko

Model: Lord Quartz 7853-7000

Era: 1978

Case Diameter: 35 mm

Lug to Lug: 40 mm

Lug width: 18 mm

Case Condition: Unpolished sharp case with original bracelet 

Dial Condition: Clear and well-preserved dial with lined texture on it  

Crystal: Few scratches were found on the crystal but it is easy to replace

Movement: 7853 quartz movement


And of course, it comes with any one of the straps we offer in the store. Just let us know which one you like to pair the beauty up with.