Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370
Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370

Vintage Watch | Seiko Electronic EL370

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Background of the movement 

We’ve all heard about and own mechanical or quartz watches, but we have found a transitional reference during the source along Seiko’s historical path, a hybrid movement that took the advantage from both electrical and mechanical movement.

Man is always looking for a more accurate and convenient way to measure time in wristwatches. While the Chronometer competitions winning movements in Grand Seiko or King Seiko are extremely accurate even in today's standard, you still need to wind up and adjust the time of the watch after taking it off your wrist over the weekend.

A Hybrid Watch Movement 

To overcome the problem, engineers from Seiko have come up with a genius solution, they have built a hybrid watch movement using electronic technology and mechanical system. In a normal mechanical movement, the mainspring is the primary source of power and its job is to send power to the escapement and enabling the escapement to regulate the power sent to the gear train. Things are a little different for electronic-driven watch movement, the Seiko Electronic 3700 movement power comes from the battery and the transistor inside the watch was design to alternate/switch the current pass to the induction coil next to the balance wheel of the watch. The balance wheel was fixed with two permanent magnets so that it will react to the magnetic induction from the coil. The balance wheel will then be driven back and forth like in a mechanical watch. This is such a genius and elegant technology!

As a result, the second hand on Seiko Electronic EL370 watch are ticking smoothly just like a fully mechanical watch. The upside is that you will no longer have to worry about the stopping of your watch after taking it off your wrist for a more sporty watch during the weekend. The Seiko Electronic EL370 is always ready and good to go.

When we look at the Seiko Spring Drive as a technological advance hybrid movement, I will consider the Seiko Electronic EL 370 (3700) movement as its ancestor as it is a demonstration of how Seiko's spirit of using technology to drive their advance movement technology. The Seiko Electronic watch is a short-lived series which then replaced by the Seiko Quartz watches that brings the Quartz Crisis to the whole watch industry. The short production plus the interesting movement technology makes the Seiko Electronic EL370 extremely collectable in my point of view.

Why is this Seiko Electronic EL370 Special? 

The Seiko Electronic EL370 were produced in quite a few different dial variance, the particular example we listed here is an exotic dial with very contracting dial combination back in the 70s. The black dial is matched with orange hour marker and Seiko Electronic EL370 logo which makes the watch funky and modern even after almost 50 years of history. The contracting white second-hand swipe through the dial smoothly makes you instantly spot the watch is mechanical driven. The overall condition of the watch is definitely collectable and we are sure it will be a conversation starter when you are sitting with any watch geek.

Make your decision to add this special piece of Seiko history into your collection.




Maker: Seiko Electronic 

Model: Seiko Electronic EL370 3703-8010

Era: 1971 Dec

Case Diameter: 39 mm

Lug width: 18 mm

Case Condition: Mirror finishing case in mint condition

Dial Condition: Mint Black Dial with Orange Hour Marker (Exotic Dial)

Movement: 3700 movement newly serviced in Japan and have just swapped a new battery


And of course, it comes with any colour of our Kyoto Series Leather Straps. Also you can pair it up with any straps we have in store by adding just a few extra to make the watch suit your personal taste.  Just let us know which one you like to pair the beauty up with.

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