Vintage Watch | Seiko 5 Actus 7019 - 7120

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The Seiko 5 Actus, the ancestor of modern-day Seiko 5 series. 

Many may not know where the 5 comes from, the 5 is actually Seiko's 5 principal attributes

1. Diaflex (unbreakable mainspring),
2. Diashock (Seiko's shock-resistant design, equivalent to the Swiss "Incabloc"),
3. Automatic winding,
4. day/date indication, and
5. Water-resistant.

Seiko is proud of emphasizing its automatic movement by hiding the crown of the vintage 5 series in part of the case as users of these movements will not need to wind the watch up while wearing it. 

This particular example the 7019 7120 manufactured in the 1970s was fitting a case shape that blends in the crown of the watch into part of the case. Besides, the date changing mechanism of the movement is rather special. By pressing the crown into the watch, the date will click and change automatically. Because of its complex mechanical setup and users' misunderstanding, a large number of the vintage Seiko 5 movement's date-changing functions are broken in years of operating.

We are proud to offer this Seiko 7019 with navy blue dial highlighted with yellow and white minute indicating ring combining to give it a modern and fashionable look. 
The case and crystal are also untouched like a NOS watch.
In a watch with this age, it is an Epic piece. 


Maker: Seiko

Model: 5 Actus 7019 - 7120

Era: 1970s

Case Diameter: 36 mm

Lug to Lug: 40 mm

Lug width: 18 mm

Case Condition: Unpolished sharp case like NOS watch  

Dial Condition: Extremely mint navy blue dial with white and yellow highlighting minute ring

Crystal: NOS original crustal with no sign of usage or scratch 

Movement: 7019 automatic movement 


And of course, it comes with any one of the straps we offer in the store. Just let us know which one you like to pair the beauty up with.