Vintage Brown | Calf Leather Watch Case

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These travel carriers were born out of our to bring just one more watch while on the go, without sacrificing the safety of our favourite watches. It took us months to finalize the original product, and we're excited to offer two classic colours for your consideration.

We understand that protection is your first priority therefore thanks to the intensive moulding technique and high-density padding underneath the leather, we can guarantee the safety of your favourite collection.

The leather is handcrafted to fit perfectly on the case and we added the white stitching to ensure the durability of the case. Each side of the case has a watch-shaped indentation with cushioned lining to further protect your timepiece, and the two sides are separated by a lightly padded divider. Watches are secured via a snap closure, and the case is closed by a durable zip. Pass your trust to us and we will secure your favourite collection.


Size: 2 watches

Material: Calf Leather

Color: Vintage Brown