Ink Blue | Flexi Rubber Series Watch Strap (with quick release)

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The Flexi Rubber Series, the first series of rubber straps we offer in Samurai Vintage. The strap is made of vulcanized rubber and designed with maximum comfort and durability in mind.  

Don't want to leave your favorite watch at home even when you are playing water sports? 

Found that the metal bracelet on your watch is too heavy for you and not flexible enough? 

We know you! And I am sure Flexi Rubber Series is the solution for you! 

To find the best value rubber straps to offer in our shop, we have personally tried rubber straps made by different dozens of rubber compounds. Our quest is to find the best balance between comfort, durability and dust repelling. 

Our answer is the Flexi Rubber Series made by genuine vulcanized rubber, with no blends, coatings, glues, or bindings. Vulcanized rubber is much stronger than normal rubber and regarded as the absolute highest caliber material available.

Our straps are 100% RUBBER, and therefore waterproof for all sports and aquatic activities.

Having successfully avoided the common dust magnet problem for many rubber straps, our rubber straps have also considered your comfort during long time outdoor usage. We have added two 'C' shape flaps underneath the straps to increase air ventilation to ensure maximum comfort even you have sweat through a long day of outdoor activity.

We know that watch is an important part of your outfit, therefore we have added quick release spring bar to our Flexi Rubber Series so that you can swap to your favorite colour and strap style 5 mins before you left your door.

We believe Flexi Rubber Straps will surely fits your ask for the best value rubber strap in the market. Why? Because we have tested around the market for you! 

Samurai Vintage's reputation for enduring quality assures that time will always be on our side!



  • Watch end: 20mm or 22mm
  • Buckle end: 18mm or 20mm
  • Lengths: 130 / 80mm
  • Thickness: 3mm

Material: Vulcanized Rubber

Color: Ink Blue

Clasp Type: Buckle in Stainless Steel