The Seiko Lord Marvel: A Marvel in the Vintage Seiko Watch Collection

The Seiko Lord Marvel: A Marvel in the Vintage Seiko Watch Collection

If you're a fan of vintage Seiko watches, you're likely familiar with the serene dance of the second hand as it sweeps over the dial. The smoothness of this motion is governed by the beat rate of the watch movement, a feature that makes the Seiko Lord Marvel 36000 a standout in the world of high-end watches.

 Seiko Lord Marvel Number dial

The Seiko Lord Marvel 36000 - A Leap in Timekeeping Precision

In the 1960s, Seiko achieved a significant milestone by manufacturing Chronometer-rated movements. Still, the brand didn't stop there. They ventured into the development of true hi-beat movements. Moving from the standard 18,000 beats per hour (bph) to a 36,000 bph movement, Seiko effectively doubled the beat rate. This quantum leap was a clear demonstration of Seiko's innovative spirit.

Girard Perregaux led the way in this hi-beat race among Swiss makers. Still, Seiko independently met the challenge head-on and crafted the first Hi-beat Caliber—the hand-wound 5740C. Surprisingly, this pioneering movement wasn't introduced in a Grand Seiko. Instead, it was the Seiko Lord Marvel that was graced with the honor of being the company's first 36,000 bph watch.

 Lord Marvel 5740

Vintage Seiko Watches - The Grand Seiko Legacy

The Grand Seiko 61 series didn't receive an automatic hi-beat 36,000 bph caliber until 1967. This model, the caliber 6145 with 25 jewels, is considered one of Seiko's finest achievements to this day. Meanwhile, the Seiko Lord Marvel remains a hidden gem in the vintage Seiko watch collection.

Seiko Lord Marvel 

Seiko Lord Marvel

Seiko Lord Marvel - A Vintage Treasure Awaits

We're proud to list a mint-condition Seiko Lord Marvel on our website. This vintage Seiko watch embodies both historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship, making it a must-have for any watch enthusiast. 

Check it out now!

We have also found the Lord Marvel lineup from the old Seiko catalog from the 60s. Here we can see all 4 style of the watch and its worth to note that the gold plated version are more rare because the preserved condition are usually not ideal after over 50 years of history of wearing.

The Lord Marvel line up  

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