The PX watch choice for soldiers during the Vietnam War Period

The PX watch choice for soldiers during the Vietnam War Period

Military watch with "broad arrow" marker and case back marking certainly catch the most attention from watch collectors. 

However many soldiers weren’t issued watches by the government or wanted something tougher to cater them through the battle. Here's the time when they come to the PX, or “post exchange,” which is a type of retail store featured on U.S. military installations for soldiers to buy things that are issued by the government during their station on base. The product offers racing from cigarette to sneakers and of course watches. 

During the war period, the PX offers both Swiss and Asia made watches to the soldiers and we are highlighting 5 of the most famous watches select by the soldiers. 


  1. Glycine Airman

    Developed in the 1950s, the airman was feedbacked from the pilot as the ideal watch for cockpit use.  With its 24 hours marking bezel, it is easy to keep track of a second-time zone and time a specific event.  

  2. Zodiac Sea Wolf

    Not a usual household name for diving watch, but it is one of the first purpose-built diving watch. The watch is tough and survived the war together with lots of servicemen. A good one with interesting history is still relatively easy to find in the market.

  3. Seiko 6105-8000

    Need no introduction, the Seiko 6105, a tough asian-made watch you can locate as an alternative to the Swiss divers. It is easy to service, durable and at a lower price compare with other alternatives.

    And to us it is the most beautify of them all.
All these watches have been through increasable battles together with the servicemen during the war and deserve a deep respect from all of us for the significant importunateness they all carry through its history.
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