Seiko's True Hi-Beat Movement

Seiko's True Hi-Beat Movement

As a watch geek, the ticking action of the watch's second hand often catches our attention when we look at it. However, have you paid attention to how smooth the second hand sweeping over the dial?

The sweeping action is determined by the beating of the watch movement, while 28,800 beats per hour movements may seem common these days amount high-end watches, these hi-beat movements are extremely hard to manufacture and usually require skillful craftsmen to service the watch. Seiko is among one of the first few manufacturers to master the skill of 36,000bph hi-beat movement as early as 1960s. 
After achieving the milestone of manufacturing Chronometer rating movements in 1960s, Seiko taking themselves into another race of building the true hi-beat movement. From the old standard of 18,000bph movement to a 36,000bph movement, doubling the beat rate, one could easily imagine the gravity of developing this pioneer timepiece back in the 60s. Similar to the automatic chronograph race (we will cover in another blog), a joint effort among Swiss makers was needed to develop the very first 36,000bph hi-beat movement.
Girard Perregaux headed that effort in 1966 and was first to create a 36,000bph movement. While Seiko took on the challenge on its own and created the first Hi-beat Caliber - the hand-wound 5740C. Many would expect this pioneer movement to build into a Grand Seiko, however it was the Seiko Lord Marvel that was honored as the company's first 36,000bph or 10 bps watch.
And it was no until 1967, the Grand Seiko 61series finally receive an automatic hi-beat 36,000bph caliber 6145 with 25 jewels. And the 61GS is still considered as one of the finest achievement by Seiko.
While Lord Marvel is one of the hidden treasures of the brand if you don't know the history.
Next month, we are proudly listing a Seiko Lord Marvel in mint condition on our website. Stay tuned!

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