Citizen Homer Second Setting: A Reliable Timepiece with Railway Heritage

Citizen Homer Second Setting: A Reliable Timepiece with Railway Heritage

Citizen is renowned for its dedication to precision and reliability, demonstrated by its 1977 Homer Second Setting watch. Issued by the Japanese National Railway (JNR) in the 1960s and 1970s, this timepiece boasts a rich history while maintaining a simple, functional design.

Citizen Homer Railway

A Brief History of JNR and Citizen's Role

The JNR was established in 1906 and underwent several transformations, including a reorganization in 1949 and privatization in the 1980s. Despite financial difficulties, the JNR managed to build an extensive railway network, including high-speed lines. Today, the Japan Railways Group (JR Group) continues to operate thousands of kilometers of tracks and high-speed bullet trains.

Japanese National Railway

Citizen's Homer series played a part in the 1960s and 1970s railway system, providing railway staff with reliable timekeeping tools. With Seiko pocket watches dominating the market, Citizen's Homer Second Setting watch offered a wristwatch alternative that met the demands of Japan's punctual railway network.

Bullet Train 1970

Bullet Train Sinkensen in 1970

Key Features and Design

The Citizen Homer Second Setting (Railway Watch) is known for its simplicity and practicality. The white dial features clear, legible numbers, lumed hands, and pips outside the hour markers to ensure easy readability. The watch also includes a "second setting" (hacking) feature, which was essential for synchronizing watches in the railway system.

The Calibre 911 movement used in the Citizen Homer Second Setting is the same base movement that powered Citizen's Chrono Master. This model was Citizen's response to Seiko's King Seiko and Grand Seiko, showcasing the brand's commitment to high-quality timepieces.

Citizen Homer Railway Watch

A Timeless Classic with a Unique Heritage

The Citizen Homer Second Setting is a noteworthy vintage watch that offers a perfect blend of simplicity, reliability, and historical significance. As noted by watch expert Michael Stockton, it can easily stand alongside prestigious Swiss brands like Patek Philippe, Longines, and Omega. We have extracted a part of Michael Stockton's review that have highlighted the characteristic of Citizen Homer in a remarkable way!

Citizen Homer Railway

Michael Stockton's Review: A Testament to Quality

Stockton's review highlights the watch's impressive features, drawing attention to the fact that such a high-quality timepiece can be found at an accessible price point. He emphasizes that the Citizen Homer Second Setting delivers remarkable value for money, combining a reliable in-house manual winding movement, a hacking feature, and a clean, straightforward design—all for around $200.

Stockton's enthusiasm for the watch is evident as he writes, "I’ll keep drinking my beer and bourbon – thank you very much, but I do have the suggestion for you: the Citizen Homer Second Setting." His review serves as a testament to the watch's desirability and an assurance to potential buyers that this is a timepiece worth considering.

Citizen Homer Caseback


The Homer Second Setting is not just a watch; it's a testament to Citizen's dedication to producing accurate, reliable timepieces and a reminder of Japan's impressive railway heritage.


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