An affordable reissue from Citizen

An affordable reissue from Citizen

Many manufacturers are designing watches that referencing from their long history.

This week we will talk about an affordable reissue from Citizen.
The Kuroshio '64 is a reissue of their iconic watch Para Water from 1959. The Para Water is the first water-resistant watch from Japan, before the Para Water people need to take off their watch even when they wash their hands to avoid water damage the watch movements.
The Para Water watch comes with a fascinating promotion too. To proof its water-resistant ability, Citizen arranged ocean sailor Kenichi Horie to cross the pacific ocean during his solo voyage across the pacific ocean wearing the Citizen Para Water in 1962.
Citizen also participated in the collaboration with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology during their study of ocean current. A Para Water was attached at the bottom of each ocean current monitor bottles, the longest float of the bottle was all the way towards Canada. It was reported that all Para Water survived the journey with working conditions.
This year Citizen launched the Kuroshio '64 with reference to their proud history. The design of the watch has many similarities towards the 1959 Para Water that can spot at the first glance, from the shape of the case and lugs, to the arrowhead hour markers, dauphine hands and domed crystal.
Shown here is the Kuroship ’64 in the dark blue dial with bracelet. This model is a limited edition of 1959 pieces.
The detail of the upgrade for the reissue is mainly the pump up in size to a more modern 41mm, a larger grippable crown, and the lime dauphine hands.
What I love the most if the packaging of the new watch. It took reference to the current monitor bottle they used in the 1964 experiment with a sharp yellow color circle tin can. It gives quite a big contrast to the dressy look Kuroship ’64 inside the box. But surely a good way to bring up the history of the watch.
The watch was available in 5 variations. The blue dial is limited to 1959 pieces. While I think the green dial with brown leather strap also looks stunning with the dress watch design. The prize of the blue dial limited edition is around $540 while the design with green dial is around $450.
This will surely put the  Kuroship ’64 at a strong competition with Seiko Cocktail watches. In my opinion, with its long history, Kuroship ’64 seems to be a more interesting watch to acquire for the budget.  
Thank you for reading, see you all next week.

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