VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206
VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206

VINTAGE WATCH | Seikomatic 6206

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For many vintage Seiko watch collectors, the 62 Grand Seiko is one of the holy grails in their collection. However, due to the heavy demand, the 62GS comes with a premium price tag, making it out of budget for many. Thus, we embarked on a quest to find an alternative for our dear followers.

Back in the 70s, Seiko had a practice of building a base movement and fine-tuning it into higher accuracy movements for their high-end watches. We can find the 56 series base movements using in both Lord Matic and the higher accurate ones used in King Seiko and Grand Seikos. The same principle applies to the 62 series movement, which was used in the Seikomatic watches from the 60s. After extensive research, we found the Seikomatic series, which housed the base version of the 62 series movement.

The 62 series movement was a workhorse movement with an 18k bph vibration rate and Diashock protection. The 62series movement was used in a wide variety of Seikomatic watches, including a wide selection of dial layouts, case materials, and day wheel formats. This was the go-to movement for Seiko at that time.

Eventually, the 62 series movement worked its way up to become one of the finest movements ever manufactured by Seiko, housing the 62 Grand Seiko.
We were drawn to this particular Seikomatic 6206-8040 for several reasons. The curved case lugs and sword hand resemble the design of the 6245 Grand Seiko. The design is not as aggressive as the 56 King Seiko, but it's clean and unique within the Seiko family.

Seikomatic 6206
The dial design is clean yet packed with information (time, date, and full day display). The sunburst silver dial is well-preserved, with no signs of aging, making it amazing to see such a vintage watch in such excellent condition.

The sunburst silver dial a was preserved nicely with no sign of aging found, it's amazing to see the watch preserved in such a nice condition.

With its clean design, Seikomatic was used to target the young businessmans sector, where they are targeted to pair with suits and worn to office daily.

With its timeless design, we are confident that it will be able to continue its mission to pair with your suit flawlessly for the next decades to come.  

Seikomatic 6206


Maker: Seiko

Model: Seikomatic 6206 8040 

Era: 1965 Sep

Case Diameter: 36 mm

Lug to Lug: 42 mm

Lug width: 19 mm

Case Condition: Amazingly preserved case. The watch is slightly polished on the caseback to remove the old usage mark by the last watchmaker who served the watch.  The case shape is still so well preserved.

Dial Condition: Silver Sunburst Dial in nice condition  

Movement:  6206 automatic movement serviced in Japan

And of course, it comes with any colour of our Kyoto Series Leather Straps. Of course you can pair it up with any straps we have in store by adding just a few extra to make the watch suit your personal taste.  Just let us know which one you like to pair the beauty up with.

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