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The Seiko Lord Matic, the successor of Seiko's famous Lord Marvel Line. Most watch geeks may heard about the Lord Marvel 36000 fitted with the 5740C (36,000bph) movement in the Lord Marvel and its special place in the JDM market as the first pukka high beat watch.

Seiko issued the Lord Matic line hoping to continue the legacy of Lord Marvel. This is an extremely high expectation to a new line of watches, but thanks to the design genius in Seiko, they did it! 

Seiko launched the Lord Matic line in 1968, fitting all LM models with a sophisticated 56 series movement and high-quality case design and finishing. The watch that used to be one notch below King Seiko line have taken off in market demand, and its movement, the 5606 have become one of the most ubiquitous Seiko mechanical movements of the time.

This special new movement has also formed the basis of higher beat variants fitted to many of the automatic King Seiko and Grand Seiko models of the early to mid-1970’s. So the success of 56 series King and Grand Seikos is thanks to the technical development of the Lord Matic 5606 movement. 

Lord Matic are issued in many variances of dial and case configuration, this specific Lord Matic 5606-6060T we are offering is fitted with silver sunburst dial and a flat straight lug with the design adopting the Seiko Grammer of Design and reminds you of the design of the King Seikos back in the 70s. The case is mirror finished and well preserved. The silver and black hour marker match with the set of mirror-finished  silver and black hands. 

The watch size is best for your weekday tailor suit and your weekend sweater and jeans.

If you need an entry to the deep vintage Seiko world, this will be the perfect watch to start your wonderful adventure.


Maker: Seiko

Model: Lord Matic 5606-6060T

Era: 1975 Jan

Case Diameter: 35 mm

Lug to Lug: 41 mm

Lug width: 18 mm

Case Condition: Unpolished case in mint condition with a minor nick near 4'o clock of the watch bezel 

Dial Condition: Mint Silver Sunburst Dial in amazing condition   

Crystal: Plexiglass - the crystal have swapped to a new OEM crystal 

Movement: 5606 automatic movement newly serviced in Japan 

Bracelet: Aftermarket steel bracelet with mechanical flexible hinge. (Easily match with any vintage leather straps as well)

And of course, it comes with any one of the straps we offer in the store. Just let us know which one you like to pair the beauty with.